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Great Coronation Street mysteries No. 642: What happened to the kebab shop?

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The Corrie kebab shop made its first appearance on the street in 2007 to give shelter to Brookside refugee Sinbad. It used to be Diggory Compton's bun shop but after that failed (and Diggory died) Sinbad converted it and shipped his dysfunctional family in to help him run it. Suddenly everyone in Weatherfield was either eating kebabs for breakfast, dinner and tea or sat in the shop looking mournful and nursing a can of Fanta.

doner kebab.jpg

When Sinbad was written out (heart attack, moved to Spain) the shop was sold to Dev and there were a few scenes in there involving Amber and more kebabs and Fanta, or something.


The kebab shop hasn't featured at all for ages. You see its neon sign occasionally flashing sadly in the back of shot but no one ever goes in and no-one eats kebabs anymore. Obviously, this has something of a positive affect on the waistlines in Weatherfield (Eileen looks much better for it and so does Fiz, although that could be more to do with prison food) but it must be playing havoc with Dev's already depleted pockets.

Maybe it will appear again, perhaps the scriptwriters will need a kebab-based storyline - Emily sees the face of Jesus in a doner, the loss of Betty means the Rovers starts selling kebabs instead of hotpots and Steve and Dev duel it out in the street with shish kebab skewers - or maybe it'll go the way of the chippy and never be seen again. Who can tell?

For now, so long kebab shop and thanks for all the heartburn.

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