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The Best of Coronation Street 1990-1999 DVD review

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This is what we want! Proper Corrie!

Network DVD bring us 10 discs featuring 80 episodes of the best of Corrie in the 90's. You may think that around 40 hours of twenty year old TV will get a bit wearing but I can tell you it doesn't. What happens when you put one of these discs in is you just sit for half an hour screaming in delight. The most effective appraisal of the experience I can give is to just randomly list some of the delights available in the boxset.

corrie 1990-1999 cover.jpg

Jim McDonald's bright ginger tache, Des Barnes, Raquel, Don Brennan! Ivy!! Curly!!!

The old Tracy Barlow, the old Nick Tilsley.

All the young men (Martin Platt, Andy McDonald, Ashley) dressing like they're part of the Madchester scene.

Martin and the mad Irish nurse.

Proper laid back theme music.

Deidre with her big glasses getting conned by John the not-pilot and being called Deidre Rachid!

Kens being exactly the same as always.

Alma running the caf! Alf Roberts in his brown trilby!! Ivy Tilsley!!! Again!!!!

Percy Sugden staving off gravel voiced Phylis Pearce.

Mavis swooning over Derek, then Derek having a heart attack.

Spider! Fred Elliot!! Alec Gilroy!!!

There's also more Reg Holdsworth than is healthy but that's why God gave us fast forward.

To give you an idea how old some of these episodes are - Episode 6 on disc 3 features Rita's husband Ted's death and Tommy Duckworth's birth!

The Best of Coronation Street 1990-1999 is available now, you can buy it here. Do it, it's more fun than you'd ever expect.

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