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Music montages too much for Coronation Street?

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Are there now too many music montages in Coronation Street? With both of the recent bank holiday Sunday 'specials' of Corrie featuring musical montages - where shots are cut to music, pop video style - and some of last year's 50th anniversary episodes culminating in similar scenes, viewers may well be of the opinion that the soap is moving a little too far away from it's traditional format. The Sunday episode during the royal wedding weekend featured a montage of Sean, boyfriend Marcus and Sean's son Dylan enjoying the sights of London to the sounds of London Calling by the Clash (noticeably mimicking a scene in the film Trainspotting) and last Sunday's Blackpool episode saw a brief montage cut to 'She's So Lovely' by Scouting For Girls. There were similar montages last year - shots of street residents as Rita sang in the Rovers, for instance - and it's now starting to look like they may well become a regular feature.

There's no doubt that, correctly handled, montages can have great impact but two in two weeks seems a little like laziness. The recent Sunday episodes felt like hastily knocked together spin-offs to begin with so perhaps the montages were included as a means of filling some time in half-hearted programmes? Certainly these scenes are a million miles away from Corrie's established style. Let's not forget that the soap was created to be a realistic look at a Northern back street but the programme makers now appear set on making it appear more like a pop video. Maybe they're hoping to sell the repeats to MTV?

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Is Corrie changing too much? Are the producers right to try and update the format? Please let us know what you think.

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