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Coronation Street episode review Thurs 7th April

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Tonight's Corrie raised two very fundamental questions about long standing characters.

1. What is John Stape? After years of misadventures, mishaps and murders John Stape now seems a character in serious need of a purpose. He's always veered between charming English teacher, sex pervert, kidnapper, furniture salesman and murderer/ manslaughterer (depending on your point of view) but since his strangely sudden mental breakdown and time institutionalised he has simply reappeared to......nothing. He sits around and looks vague or simpers over baby Hope but doesn't seem to contribute to episodes at all. Without giving to much away, he is soon to be the focus of a major storyline, but for now - who cares?

2. Where does Gail get her money from? Gail hasn't had a job since she was (quite rightly) sacked from the surgery for accessing Natasha's medical files. Before that she spent all her cash propping up husband and unfathomable debt-ower Joe and paying for them to go on expensive breaks to waterside yuppie cabins in the lakes. How does she survive, let alone find a spare grand to bribe Kylie? Never mind the £100 she bunged her last week for a wedding frock. The money she got from first husband Brian's death must surely have gone, second husband Martin can't still owe her much maintenance (if any) and the insurance money from Joe's death never arrived. Unless she is doing some serious moonlighting somewhere in Manchester she should really be in dire straits by now.


Come on Corrie writers, we challenge you to sort out Stape and explain Gail's income!

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