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Is Coronation Street back on form?

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There have been views aired across the internet that Corrie hasn't been up to standard of late. After last year's 50th anniversary culminated with the already legendary tram crash some have said that the programme has been struggling to keep up the pace it set itself. Certainly recent plotlines have not been as dramatic or even as cohesive as before (doesn't the whole visa/ wedding scam seem a little thrown together?) and there is an inevitable feeling of anti-climax on the cobbles.


But Monday night's Becky extravaganza (with Katherine Kellly on blinding, blood soaked form) felt much more like Corrie in its stride, has Corrie regained its mojo? Will upcoming storylines be an improvement on some recent lacklustre episodes? Please let us know what you think. Leave us a message, send a tweet, comment on Facebook - we'd love to hear from you!

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