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Coronation Street spoiler: Tracy Barlow seduces brothers Nick Tilsley and David Platt

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Let's not be too subtle about this. Basically Tracy has been stuck in prison for a long time, and when she's freed after the evidence of her murder trial is brought into question, she's basically after anything in trousers. Even David Platt.

Only she decides he's not really man enough so she decides to seduce his older brother Nick, even though of course he's still in love with Leanne. I have to say that Tracy Barlow is not an unattractive woman, but surely you would think twice before having a fling with her given her track record.

Needless to say when the boys' Mum Gail McIntyre finds out what Tracy has been up to, she's none too pleased and the two of them end up having a bit of a scrap. You can see Tracy in snogging action with the Platt/Tilsley boys on December 30th.

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