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Autograph Collecting

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Tony Gordon's AutographA growing passion of mine over the last couple of years has been collecting autographed photocards from a variety of famous faces. So, sitting bored one grey afternoon in January, I decided to further my collection by opening up to the possibility of collecting autographs from the cast of Coronation Street.

After some light research as to how to go about this, I found the process relatively simple. To receive a signed cast card of a Corrie actor and actress, you simply had to write to the star you wanted requesting an autograph and pop it in the post, along with a SAE. I thought I would give this a go to see if I had any luck, and so randomly selected Gray O'Brien - Tony Gordon - to be my first shot.

A mere ten days later and - hurrah! - success! A familiar envelope dropped through my letterbox containing a photocard of Gray, personalised for me. And so the pen came out once more, and over the next few weeks and months I began writing to each of the 60+ cast members.

Now, six months on from my first letter, my collection is continuing to grow! I've now had over 30 successes, and I'm delighted that I've made the effort to obtain these wonderful Corrie keepsakes. Many of them have personalised the photocard to myself, and a few even added their own notes of thanks for writing.

Some of the cast were particularly fast at responding, and some take longer, but it's great that so many take the time to reply to their fans. I still have around half the cast to receive replies from, so hoping that some more will still respond!

I've not posted the address for writing to the cast on the blog as I wouldn't like to see the cast being spammed, but if you are interested in writing to anyone from Corrie drop me an email and I'll let you know the address! Also, let us know if you've had any successes of your own with writing to Coronation Street - we'd love to hear about them.

Look out for some competitions coming soon to Corrieblog with a chance to win some Corrie castcards of your own!

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