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CoronationStreet episode review, Friday 30 January

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Double episode written by Jayne Hollinson and Lucy Gannon

30_01_david-gail-tina.jpgGary Windass is sort of cunning in a thick kind of way. He knew he'd get sent to prison if he thumped David Platt, but perhaps not if he thumped him in self defence, so he taunted David until David swung a punch at him. There was a nasty fight, and David ended up with black eyes, a broken nose and bruising. David ended up in hospital, Gary ended up in the police station.

Maria apologised to Tony Gordon for accusing him of killing Jed, who is obviously alive. She wouldn't apologise for the accusations about Liam, though - she's not quite ready to let that lie yet. Tony went off to Aberdeen for a business meeting, and Carla went to Wigan to talk to Jed Stone, because she was feeling a bit uneasy...

about the way Tony had treated him. And when she saw strangle marks on the old man's neck she said, "Did my 'usband try and strangle yer, Mr Stone?" Mr Stone refused to reply, leaving Carla to draw her own conclusions.

There was some high-level flirting going on on the canal today, as Ken got to know Martha better. He got to know that she's an actress (we know! She's Stephanie Beacham out of Dynasty!) who is playing Blanche (no, not that one) in A Streetcar Named Desire. "Tea? Coffee? What can I get you?" purred Martha. Ken gave her a loaded look.

Something of an epiphany for Janice today when her smoking buddy Mike collapsed and died of a blood clot. Unable to do anything to help except be with him, Janice realised that her true calling is to be a nurse.

Cultural exchange of the day: Rosie asked Ken what was the music playing in the café. "It's Elgar," said Ken. "What does the L stand for? Loser?" replied Miss Rosie.

Today's guest artistes were Liz Banks as the doctor (she was a doctor in Corrie in 2007 as well), Karen Asemper (who has nursed in Corrie, Emmerdale and Where the Heart Is) as the nurse, and Amy Searles and Andrew Sheridan (both have been Corrie coppers previously) as police officers.

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