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New Corrie butcher is David Platt's old cellmate

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craig-gazey-1610.jpgA bit more news now on what we can expect when David Platt's old cellmate Graeme (Craig Gazey) looks him up soon.

We've already heard about him and David stealing a car, though the Daily Star today reckons that Graeme shows up in the car to begin with and asks David to hide it in Gail's garage.

Apparently Graeme is set to be in the Street for quite a while (hurrah!), and the Star's Corrie mole says, "Graeme will not be an out-and-out bad lad. He'll just be easily led and confused between right and wrong. He'll definitely have a soft side, and the writers have also been told he must also have a wicked sense of humour."

He soon gets himself a job when Ashley takes him on at the butcher's (presumably having been penniless a while ago, Ashley is now bucking economic trends). "I've always wanted to butch," is his plea for employment.

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