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Coronation Street comings and goings

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margi-clarke-48.jpgThere have been several references to the fact that Molly's dad Diggory will be "baking a cake" for Molly and Tyrone's wedding, but it looks like he won't actually make it to the wedding, according to Digital Spy. Eric Potts, who played him, is busy in pantomime over the Christmas period, so that's possibly the reason. But Margi Clarke will turn up again as Tyrone's good-for-nothing mum Jackie.

In other cast news, Mammy and Daddy Connor (Sorcha Cusack and Frank Grimes) are apparently set for another appearance next month. Dev is going to get a new family member of his own in the form of his Uncle Omar (could this be the love interest for Rita that we've been promised? Apparently not, as it looks like this is going to be Eileen's dad).

And it's confirmed that Jonathan Dixon (Darryl) will be staying in Corrie for the foreseeable future. So now all we need is his parents back!

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