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Coronation Street set to be open to public again

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Coronation-Street-196.jpgGreat news for everyone who ever wanted to make the pilgrimage to that little cobbled street in Manchester. The Coronation Street set is going to be once again open for public tours, according to the Guardian (though no date has been given).

It's all part of a plan to make as much money as possible from the Coronation Street brand by selling items associated with the show, such as Newton & Ridley beer and Underworld-branded lingerie. Corrie-themed clothes, restaurants and tea sets are also planned.

This was all announced by ITV Commercial Brand Director Gustavo Antonioni, who has previously worked for Disney and Warner Bros. "This isn't about going out there and licensing the heck out of things," he said. "Our business is about creating a TV commercial that is aired a couple of times a week that people can engage with."

Mr Antonioni also has his eye on the marketing opportunities presented by Corrie's 50th anniversary in 2010.

Edited to add: the very reliable Ian Wylie has an update on this story here, suggesting that these plans are very much still "in development." He also says, "if ITV Granada in Manchester did move, could the old Corrie set at Quay Street be left behind as a tourist attraction? Or would the land - post credit-crunch - be worth more filled with offices, apartments, shops, restaurants or whatever?"

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