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Ex-Corrie stripper Scott Wright becomes beefcake muscle-man

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scott-wright-205.jpgWhen Scott Wright appeared on Coronation Street as stripper The Masked Python (aka Sam Kingston), he didn't look to be too out of shape (take a look at the evidence).

But apparently he's recently become a bit of a lard-bucket. Since his wedding last November, he'd been eating too much of the wrong sorts of food and not exercising enough. We all do it. But we aren't all married to a personal fitness trainer like Scott is. His wife Kate suggested he needed to get in shape, but Scott is not a man to do things by halves. He's set himself a target of twelve weeks to turn himself into a "beefcake muscleman." He's enlisted the help of Kerry Hayes, the man who helps boxer Ricky Hatton with his fitness, and he's filming the whole process for a TV documentary. He's not finding it easy: "It's been a really hard change of lifestyle - no more burgers and chips and fizzy drinks, no more late nights and boozing," he says. He's lost five inches from his waistline in five weeks, though, so it must be working.

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