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David Platt meets Jeremy Kyle!

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jeremy-kyle.jpgI've been saying this for months, if not years - what Gail Platt needs to do with her troublesome son is to get him on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Today have got tired of waiting for Gail to make that call, and have got David Platt face to face with the king of the daytime angsty talk-show. Genius! You can watch a video of their encounter here.

So what's Jezza's verdict on Coronation Street's bad boy?

"You'd have to feel sorry for him," he says. "He's been abandoned by his dad, found out his mother wanted to abort him, and he's always been second best to his sister." So far so sympathetic, but Jeremy's no fool and adds, "He's a devious little minx and knows exactly what he's doing - most of the time he needs a size 10 up his backside, to be honest."

So how would he go about taming the tearaway teen? "He's 17 and he's full of angst and anger," he says. "I had sympathy with him to a degree, but it would be tough love if it was down to me. His mother's too soft, his dad's nowhere to be seen. He needs a male role model in his life. It would have been good if he'd got that chance to work for his Uncle Stephen." Jeremy reckons, "I could sort him out in about three minutes."

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