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Tupele's upwardly mobile

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tupeleshades.jpgTupele Dorgu writes a column for the Manchester Evening News (who also have the rights to this picture - isn't her hair getting long!) and the latest one is all about mobile phones. See, hers broke and she was bereft since she felt she was addicted to her mobile. Years ago, you had to always make sure you had change to make a phone call and now you just reach into your pocket. She talks about the history of the mobile phone, from brick to mini. Do you remember the first two characters to have one of those enormous block type mobile phones? Mike Baldwin had one in his car but I can remember scenes in the pub where Steve McDonald, upcoming entrepeneur, was flashing a mobile one about. It wasn't very long after that Mike had one too, if I'm remembering it correctly. Now everyone has them, young and old and they've come a long way from the "brick". I'm waiting for one that hoovers and does my washing. My life will be complete.

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