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Happy birthday, Julie Hesmondhalgh!

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Hayley.jpgThe radiant and very wonderful Julie Hesmondhalgh (who plays Hayley Cropper) is 38 years old today, and we're throwing our hats up in the air and shouting "Hurrah!" here at Corrieblog Towers because we love Julie.

To celebrate her birthday, here are Five Things You Always Wanted to Know about Julie Hesmondhalgh:

She was born in Accrington, Lancashire - also the birthplace of Vicky Entwistle (Janice Battersby).

The first record she ever bought was Are Friends Electric by Tubeway Army.

She married husband Ian Kershaw at a £30 a night hotel in Wales with 100 guests.

Julie turned up for her audition as Hayley dressed in fake leopardskin and red lipstick, as she'd been told Hayley was a "fun" character.

Her first love was someone called Bruce Pelleymounter. She always fancied being Julie Hesmondhalgh-Pelleymounter!

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