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More Corrie eBay finds

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enarecords.JPGAnother rare item discovered on eBay today, a rare record album, "Ena Sharples Presents: The Lad from Coronation Street". This appears to be classical music played on an organ by someone that was on Coronation Street in the early days. The record is in fair condition and the seller promises to pack it very well for shipping.They don't say who the lad is and though there's a photo of the track listing, you can't make it out but can email the seller for a list.

There are also a few limited edition alarm clocks being offered, like this one, that features Jack and Vera. Wake up in the morning to the Coronation Street theme tune. Clock opens up and lights up when the alarm goes off. How could you resist?!! There is a photo of this clock through the link below.

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