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Coronation Street episode review: goodbye Vera Duckworth

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20-Jan4.jpgDouble episode written by Peter Whalley and Lucy Gannon
Jack and Vera had had a nice trip to Blackpool to see their new home and measure for curtains. Jack gave Tyrone some money to put a bet on before they went. When they got home, Paul had left a present for them - a framed photo of them when they were young and carefree and afraid of nothing. Vera told Jack she'd never loved anyone except him, and he, in his gruff way and with a bit of prompting from Vee, said he'd never loved anyone except her, and he'd go and fetch her slippers. Then he went for a swift half at t'Rovers, like he'd done so often over the years.

But this time, when Jack got back Vera was dead. Apparently she'd passed away peacefully in her sleep, sitting in her chair. Jack held her hand, told her not to be afraid, gently sang to her, "If you were the only girl in the world."

Molly and Tyrone came home, to the back door because they were bringing drinks out of t'Rovers for Jack and Vera to celebrate Blackpool. They found Jack in the back yard, watching one of his pigeons. Vera had always pretended to hate the pigeons, Jack said, but he knew that she sometimes came out and talked to them. Tyrone and Molly realised something was wrong, and they went inside. They were both shocked to find Vera was dead. Tyrone went to get Paul - Jack wanted to "hold the world at bay for a few more minutes," and let the people who loved Vera most say goodbye to her. Later on, paramedics came, and said that it had probably been Vera's heart, and that she hadn't felt any pain. Neighbours came to see why an ambulance was at the door - Rita, Roy, Emily, Betty and Dev. Molly couldn't get the words out to tell them what had happened, so Jack did. He said it had been "such a smashing day," too. Rita told him she'd tell everybody the news, and leave him in peace. A church bell sounded, from somewhere, as Vera's body was taken away.

Other things did happen in the episode - Ryan was still missing and Michelle and Steve went to Nick's to try and find him. Carla booked a double room for "Mr and Mrs Connor" for a forthcoming business trip. The factory girls had their knicker party at Janice's. And David introduced Tina to his gran.

But it was Jack and Vera's episode. The end of an era.

Sue H

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