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Corrie's forgotten characters - Zoe Tattersall

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Zoe%20Tattersall.jpgThis Coronation Street character seems to be so forgotten about that I am able to find only one decent photograph, oh'eck! After some contradictory statements in yesterday's forgotten character blog, I do hope that today's follows a more accurate path! Joanne Frogatt made her first appearance as the ever-troubled Zoe Tattersall in 1997, which we all know as a time of massive change for Corrie and Zoe seemed to be central to Brian Park's idea of 'dragging Corrie up-to-date'. The young girl's myriad of problems burgeoned and eventually overflowed into the lives of many Street residents. Affected most was the whittering Ashley Peacock, who never seems to escape from severely disturbed women.

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When we first met Zoe, she was a ne'er-do-well teenager who made Judy Mallett's life hell. Judy worked in an arcade, and when Zoe and her boyfriend Liam tried to steal money from the change kiosk, Judy's husband Gary waded to stop them, but instead found himself threatened with police action when Liam claimed that Gary had broken his arm. Judy paid them to keep quiet but was horrified when a blasé Zoe told her that the money would pay for an abortion.

At the same time Judy had found out that she was infertile after she herself had had an abortion in the past, and suggested that the Malletts bought Zoe's baby. After some arm twisting Gary anxiously agreed to the deal and pretended that he was the father of Zoe's baby. After Zoe gave birth, Gary was registered as the father, Zoe received her pay-off and ran away from the area. The baby, Katie, moved into No.9.

Zoe had grown into a friendship with Leanne Battersby, and on realising that she had spent all of the money she had received for the baby, Leanne encouraged her to return to Weatherfield. Zoe snatched Katie from the Malletts and renamed her Shannon. Zoe and Shannon moved into No.4 with Leanne and Nick Tilsley and Ashley Peacock.

Ashley seemed to take the role of babysitter as Zoe went off the rails and spent night after night drinking and 'clubbing'. One night while Leanne and Nick were babysitting, Shannon fell ill and died suddenly from meningitis. In spite of Ashley trying his best to be a comfort to Zoe, she suffered a nervous breakdown and cracked completely when she learnt that Judy had fallen pregnant naturally. Zoe wheeled Shannon's pram to No.9 and set it on fire. She then cut off her hair and kidnapped Fiona Middleton's baby and eventually attempted suicide by jumping into the canal. She was rescused and admitted to a psychiatric unit.

The last bizarre twist came on Zoe's release from the psychiatric unit, when she became involed with the Etheric Foundation, a religious cult, also known as the Cult of Nirab. The cult-leader chose Zoe as his favoured partner and in spite of an attempt by Ashley to kidnap Zoe and bring her back to Coronation Street, she decided to move to America to the cult's headquarters. Sheesh!

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