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Cilla's shock exit revealed

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charlie%20west.jpgIf you've been wondering how gob-almighty Cilla Battersby-Brown will be leaving Corrie later this year, then wonder no more. The Daily Star today reveals Cilla's shock exit and as Coronation Street stories go, it's a bit of a belter and brought a smile to my face.

The paper says that Cilla takes a new job as a cleaner in a nursing home where she meets pensioner, frisky Frank. He's a wheelchair-bound millionaire and offers Cilla a full-time job as his carer, but only if she moves in with him. Cilla jumps at the offer, ditches Les and the kids and moves in with Frank. He'll be played by actor Keith Clifford, best known for his stint as Billy Hardcastle in Last of the Summer Wine. But hang on a minute, didn't he also play Charlie West in Corrie (pictured)? There's a smashing quote in the paper that says: "Cilla poses provacatively (me: ugh) and bends down in front of Frank to make sure he gets a bird's eye view of her bosom and bum. (me: double ugh). Frank is smitten".

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