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Ex-Coronation Street Stars: Gaynor Faye

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Gaynor Faye played Judy Mallett on Coronation Street in the 1990s. Described by more than a few warm-blooded males I know as "sex on a stick", the curvacious "Judeh" and her rock-steady husband Gary were a staple on the street. They were a strong couple, supportive of each other even when times were rough. They fought and made up with passion. Who could forget "Santa's Nookie Nest" in flashing neon in their window that first Christmas? Judy worked behind the bar in the Rovers for several years while Jack and Vera owned the pub. After trying to have a baby of their own, they attempted to adopt the child of a runaway teen but the girl took her baby back. Sadly the baby, Shannon, died of meningitis. All was not lost, however, because Judy finally gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy on Christmas Day. Judy lost her life suddenly and tragically just 9 months later and Gaynor went on to achieve her fame and fortune.

Gaynor had a lot of stage experience before Corrie. Gaynor's mother is screen writer Kay Mellor so after leaving the Street, she has appeared in several productions that her mother has written and produced. She's had fairly steady work in the past 6 or 7 years, though has taken time off to have two children. She's even done a bit of writing for television herself, proving that she's inherited that talent as well. Gaynor has joined the reality show circuit with an appearance and competition win in Dancing on Ice  in 2006! She still looks absolutely fabulous! If you know of other particular roles and things that Gaynor has done post-Corrie that we've missed, do leave us a comment and read lots of information about former Coronation Street actors on Corrieblog!

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