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Coronation Street archetypes – the bumbling manager

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bumbling.gifLast week we looked at one of Coronation Street’s greatest archetypes – the battleaxe, and today we’ll explore one of the lesser-known character types that has been a fixture of Coronation Street since the word go. Which other Corrie characters have followed the bloodline of Swindley? Let us see...

In 1960, Arthur Lowe was cast as Leonard Swindley, the blundering manager of a haberdashery shop on Rosamund Street. During his five years on the Street, Swindley managed a gaggle of staff that included Emily Nugent and Doreen Lostock and his forays into the business world inevitably ended in some form of comic disaster. In one storyline Swindley arranged a fire practice at the Gamma Garments shop but ended up locking himself and his employees out in the street because he left his keys in the office.

_536542_corrie_reg_return_150.jpgFast forwarding almost 30 years and we see the arrival of Reg Holdsworth – manager at the Bettabuy supermarket. His management style was as cumbersome as Swindley’s and his staff at Bettabuy considered him and his assistant Curly Watts a joke. Does anyone remember the Bettaboy float at the Weatherfield carnival when Reg dressed up as a Roman emperor flanked by his nymphs Ivy Brennan and Vera Duckworth?

mavisder.jpg1973 saw the arrival of Derek Wilton, an indecisive businessman who was even more indecisive in his relationship with Mavis Riley from t’Kabin. Derek held a number of junior managerial roles and once coaxed Mavis into buying a large order of chocolate novelties so that he could win a sales prize. Derek struggled on in the world of business and eventually introduced the programme to Norris Cole, the bumbling manager of today.

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