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Corrie Favourite Stories, Tracy Barlow sells her baby

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You probably thought the worst parent ever on Coronation Street was Terry Duckworth who sold his child to his ex-in-laws for a few thousand quid, breaking his mother's and father's hearts. Up until a few years ago, you might be right. Enter Tracy Barlow...

Selfish, causing trouble in all directions, she not only tried to take her grandmother's boyfriend thinking he was rich, but she made a penny bet with Bev Unwin that she could get any man into bed, even Roy Cropper! Tracy started making plans. She came into posession of a vial of the "date rape" drug, rohypnol, that someone tried to use on Shelley at her hen night. During Peter and Shelley's wedding reception, she found her opening. With Hayley away visiting family, Roy was at the wedding on his own. Tracy drugged his drink and led him home to her bed.

We were led to believe that she managed to coerce him into a bit of sub-duvet activity and when confronted by a furious Hayley, told them that she was pregnant. She was indeed but who was the father? Roy? Blanche's boyfriend? Or was it someone else? She insisted it was Roy's baby and the shame of it nearly drove Roy to suicide and it might have succeeded if Hayley hadn't arrived home and saved him. Hayley decided to stand by her man and they thought they could raise the baby themselves since Tracy didn't want it. All Tracy wanted was the cold hard cash. Without even so much as a DNA test, Roy accepted the fact that he was the baby's father and remortgaged the cafe and cleaned out his savings to pay Tracy a down payment, the balance to be paid on the birth and hand-over of the child.

Even worse, in order to make sure he had rights to the child, Roy insisted that Tracy marry him (in name only).

Before the baby was born, however, Tracy revealed to her brother Peter that Steve McDonald was the baby's father, after a one night stand. Peter did keep the secret but Tracy, who had developed a crush on Steve, decided to tell him. Steve was horrified! He was planning a remarriage and elaborate wedding to Karen and kept the secret from her while Tracy blackmailed him for all she could get. She even tried to sabotage the wedding by cancelling plans and arrangements, leaving Steve to scramble.

The baby girl was born in February and Roy and Hayley named her Patience and were deliriously happy to be parents. Tracy started to have second thoughts and realized she did want the baby after all. Hormones will do that to a girl, even one as selfish as Tracy! She headed to the church where Steve and Karen were getting wed, not planning to interrupt the ceremony but that's exactly what happened. The ceremony was interrupted and Tracy took her baby back from a heartbroken Roy and Hayley and renamed her Amy. Steve and Karen did get married anyway, in spite of Karen feeling that Tracy ruined her day. A few weeks later, when Karen found out how Tracy tried to sabotage her wedding, Karen confronted Tracy in the church during baby Amy's christening and easily won a hair-pulling, screaming, knock-down drag-out between the two women. Tracy might have her baby back, but a feud was born!

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