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Corrie's history rewritten

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Kenmikeadam_1 There is a the flip side to my post about history repeating itself on Coronation Street.  Rewriting history annoys us long time viewers of Coronation Street and it's only a recent occurrence, within the last six or eight years or so. Long time viewers or viewers that have seen old videos and read many of the books out there that have detailed history of Coronation Street's past remember what happened, especially if it was something momentous or something that made a particular impression. They never used to play fast and loose with the history. In all three cases I'm going to mention, though, the plot twists supplied good storylines for years so it really worked in the end. 

Click through to read about a few times history was changed.

I often question the wisdom of the "Powers That Be" (PTB) but most of the time they prove to me that they are indeed the wiser of the two of us.  Thank heavens! After all, the show wouldn't have lasted this long if they habitually made bad decisions.

Susan Barlow Baldwin had an abortion in November of 1987. It split up her marriage to Mike and she left We come to find out years later, Adam Barlow  was the secret son nobody knew about, though it was revealed that twin brother Peter knew.  It did rekindle the Barlow/Baldwin feud, though, which was a good way to bring the circle of animosity back around.

Dev Alahan  came to Weatherfield in 1999 to buy the shops from his uncle Ravi. Dev came from Birmingham and his family still lives there. Last year,  we found out that he has three children (Amber and two by Sandra in the Gorton shop, one of whom is, I think, the mother of his grandchild unless that woman is a fourth child). Dev made sure the mothers of his children had jobs and free rent. Did he only set them up with jobs and flats in 1999 or have the writers forgotten that he wasn't always the owner of all the shops?

Last but not least, we come to Danny Baldwin. Whatever happened to Mike and his father, Frankie, who were a team, "us against the world"? Mike has long said he was an only child yet mysteriously,  a brother appears on the family tree, and Danny turns out to be the result of an affair with the brother's wife!

I'm thinking of at least one other "Huh?", can you guess what it is?

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