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So, What's It Like To Snog Richard Fleeshman?

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Rosie_webster_2 Helen Flanagan who plays Rosie Webster on Coronation Street says she’s having the time of her life on the soap. In a long and interesting interview with the Sunday Mail, Helen confessed to hating Goth music: "I hate all that Goth music such as Marilyn Manson and HIM that Rosie seems to like.  Her favourite rock band are called Stench Of Death -that says it all. I've never even heard of them.  I'm into more tuneful pop music. I wouldn't listen to stuff like that with my mates. I had nothing to do with Rosie becoming a Goth. The scriptwriters thought that one up. But I think it works really well with her character. She's not afraid to be different to other people with her clothes and make-up. She's only trying to be an individual. So I secretly have quite a lot of respect for her. But Rosie couldn't be more different from the real me."   
And she revealed what it was really like being the on-screen girlfriend of hunky Richard Fleeshman....

...."I'm the envy of girls all around the country because I get to kiss him. When I'm going straight from school to the Granada Studios for filming I'll shout to my mates, 'Bye girls... I'm just off to do more snogging scenes with Richard'. My mates all fancy him like mad and think he's really fit. I loved the whole Romeo-and-Juliet side of our on-screen romance. Richard is great fun to work with."

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