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Coronation Street Weekly Sneak Preview, Mar 5-10, 2006

5_mar Sunday 5 March 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Emily is in turmoil but is both shocked and pleased to open the door to great-niece Freda. Emily’s mood is bolstered by her surprise visitor and Rita is pleased when her friend agrees to go to church. But as the service starts, Emily spots Ed and flees in tears. Ed goes after her and the pair come face to face outside the church. Will Emily be able to summon up her faith to forgive her husband’s murderer?
Elsewhere, as the Street reels from Janice’s shocking departure, Cilla comes out fighting following the revelation that Les spent a final night of passion with ex Janice. Les has spent the night at Leanne and Danny’s but is soon on his way back to the street to sort out his marriage. However, his apologies fall on deaf ears as Cilla vows to divorce him.
At the Websters’ there’s an uneasy sense of peace as Rosie tries to ignore Sally’s threats of boarding school. Rosie’s convinced she’s not serious as they’d never be able to afford it so she’s stunned when after a pleasant family meal at the Pizzeria, Sally announces she’ll pay whatever it takes to get Rosie away from Craig.
And Roy is in the dog house when he fails to make it back to the café in time to see Hayley off because he’s been too busy working on Clifford’s railway.
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Monday 6 March 7.30 - 8pm ITV1
Rosie is still refusing to believe that Sally is serious about boarding school but when Sally catches Rosie and Craig kissing once more, something snaps and she orders Rosie into the car. As they drive towards Yorkshire Sally’s intensity shocks Rosie and frightened she calls her dad. But Sally has lost all reason and as her driving becomes increasingly reckless, all Kevin can do is listen helplessly as Rosie screams and the car screeches to a halt.
6_marBack on the street, Ashley faces his worst nightmare when he comes face to face with Matt Ramsden. Ashley refuses to speak to his arch enemy but when Dr Matt won’t take no for an answer, a furious Ashley makes it clear that he’ll never allow him access to Josh.
Les is back at Leanne and Danny’s but Danny has had enough and gives Les his marching orders. With nowhere to go Les heads back to the street where he makes a heartfelt plea for forgiveness. It looks like Cilla (Wendi Peters) could be softening but at the last minute Les blows it. Will he be able to talk his wife round or is Les about to become homeless?
And Kelly can’t hide her unease as Becky gets her feet under the table at Underworld.

Monday 6 March 8.30 - 9pm ITV1
Ashley is panic stricken following his meeting with Dr Matt and tells Claire they have to get Joshua out of nursery as Matt’s been hanging around there. When Claire then realises that she’s unknowingly already met Matt at nursery Ashley is furious. Claire tries to be the voice of reason and says they should meet Matt to see what he wants but Ashley refuses to discuss it and unleashes his fury on his wife.
6_mar2 Away from the street, a frantic Kevin has reached Sally and Rosie but is shocked by what he finds. A mute Sally has walked away from her daughter and as she kneels alone in the grass it’s clear she has broken down. Kevin is gentle as he reminds her he’ll always be there for her. Sally now seems nothing more than an empty shell but eventually the Websters make their way back to Coronation Street where Kevin attempts to rebuild his family.
Elsewhere, as Les sets up home in his cab, Cilla makes it clear she isn’t prepared to forgive and forget yet.
And Roy unwittingly invites Clifford to move his train set into the flat.

Wednesday 8 March 7.30 - 8pm ITV1
8_mar Ashley finally agrees with Claire that they should meet Matt and hear what he has to say. The meeting takes place on neutral ground at a service station nearby but as soon as Matt explains he wants the opportunity to get to know Josh, Ashley’s anger returns. The conversation soon turns nasty when Matt threatens Ashley with the courts. The two wives try to keep the peace but Ashley is fuming and despite Matt’s air of calm returning, Ashley is no longer prepared to listen as he lashes out at all around him.
Elsewhere, life in the cab isn’t as bad as Les thought as Kirk and Chesney continue to smuggle out food. But Steve has had enough and tells Les it’s time to sort out his martial problems. Figuratively speaking Les declares he’d crawl over the cobbles to Cilla if she’d take him back but Cilla takes this literally. Will Les perform the ultimate act of humiliation to win back his wife?
There’s a strange sense of calm at the Websters’ as the family attempt to get back to normal. Rosie’s seen her Mum pushed to the edge and tells Craig she doesn’t want to lie to her anymore. Craig’s devastated as he fears Rosie is about to end their relationship.
Elsewhere, Kelly feels uneasy when Becky’s promoted to machinist, Roy tells Clifford the train set must go, and Emily’s anguish over Ed continues.

Friday 10 March 7.30 - 8pm ITV1

Danny is not happy when he hears Nathan arranging a date with Frankie and his annoyance is increased when he discovers it’s a double date with son Jamie and Violet. In the Rovers, Leanne persuades him to ignore the foursome but when Jamie gets a call from the Spanish consulate about Mike, Danny’s thrown back into Baldwin life. What has happened to Mike?
10_mar2Meanwhile, when Emily fails to seek solace in the church she realises she has to speak to Ed. Ed is surprised to see her on his doorstep but invites her in. It’s clear he’s going somewhere, but Ed is stunned when she asks him outright if he intends to kill himself. How will Emily react when he tells her of his plans?
Back on the street, Gail is horrified when she receives another card from Richard Hillman, this time a condolence card marking the anniversary of his death. As her paranoia grows, Phil thinks she may suspect he’s the one behind the cards and is quick to point the finger of suspicion at David. How will David react when questioned?
And, still fuming after his disastrous meeting with Matt Ramsden, Ashley takes out his foul mood on Claire.

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