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Episode Review - Friday November 25

Corriestreet_17Cilla's not best pleased that she didn't pull a fella when she was away on honeymoon with Yana. She reckons she's got 'married woman' written all over her and that's what's scaring them off.  When Fiz tells her mum that Les could be her last chance of getting marital connubials (can't you buy them in Tesco?) Cilla agrees to marry Les. And this time it'll be legal.
Jason tells Violet he wants her back even though he's still lusting after Sarah Platt.  Violet tells him he's a hypocrite and Jason will have had to find a dictionary to discover what she meant.

Tracy continues her campaign to wind up Claire  and in the Rovers, mardy Ms Barlow can't resist calling Claire names.  Claire remains calm and throws her drink all over Tracy, wonderful stuff.

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